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MAC Holiday Collections - What are you getting?

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Yesterday I clicked on to the MAC website for my daily makeup fix, a quick browse to add to my mental wishlist. To my surprise, as recently I have not been up to date with all of the new MAC collections, all the new Holiday Collections were out. I had a quick look at everything and to be honest, not a lot of it appealed to me. I've gone more into detail about each collection below.

Magic, Mirth and Mischief Colour Collection

This collection doesn't appeal to me at all, MAC's mineralize products have never been my favourite, and there is nothing that stands out as something I must have. Each mineralize eyeshadow has that chunky gold or silver part which I think is awful, there are some nice colours but they are just not special enough to put up with the glitter section. The lipsticks and glosses again are nothing special, I have a million others in my collection that are just like them and after a bad first experience of mineralze blushes this is definitly one part of the collection i'm going to skip!

Magic, Mirth and Mischief Colour Collection - Lip & Eye Bags

I have to say, I really like these. If I was a new collector i'd be all over these. But as it is, I already have at least one of the products in nearly every kit, so it doesn't make sense for me to buy them. But I do love them, this one on the left is the Put A Spell On You  pink lip bag. Its my favourite and if I didn't already have baby sparks dazzleglass, it would definitly be in my cart!

I may still get the Naughty Noir eye bag, because I want the shimmertime pigment and although I have a ton of black eyeliners, I don't have blacktrack. I'm leaving this one in the maybe column.

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Magic, Mirth and Mischief Colour Collection - Lip & Eye Bags and Brush Bags

The eyeshadow and lip pallets seem VERY similar to last years. There are no unusual colours in them, and speaking as a girl with a lot of MAC regular eyeshadows, i'm pretty sure i'd find a good dupe for all of the colours in these pallets. But, if you are new and just starting out with makeup these are a perfect way to get a lot of MAC colours for a good price. They are also great to ask for as christmas gifts. I don't personally like lipsticks that are in pallets like this, I'm a tube girl. So another part of the holiday collection I will definitly be skipping.

The brush bags are definitly something to steer clear of, I bought all three last year and was so disappointed in them. They are basically mass produced crap. They have none of the quality of the regular MAC brushes, they are not handmade and therefore the brushes are very different to their namesake. The bristles are scratchy and the actual handles and barrels are poorly made. My honest opinion is to save your money up and buy one regular MAC brush at a time to build up your collection. It will be worth it in the end.

Finally on to the...

 Mischief Makers

I have saved the best till last, I think these are the heroes of the whole collection. I absolutley adore the pigment and lipglass sets. I'm a little disappointed they don't have the eyeliner set again this year, but they have added an extra pigment set.

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I am definitly going to get the Cool Capers and Sexpot Smokey pigment sets, I have been dying to get the Reflects Transparent Teal glitters for ages, and its in the cool capers set. I am undecided on the Haute High Jinks pigment set, i'll to have a look at it in person. But I probably will get it. Lol! I am an addict after all...

I won't be getting any of the lipglass sets, purely because I have put myself on a lipgloss ban. I have soooo many, I need to use them all up before they start to go off. I got the sets last year and they are definitly good value for money. I do recommend getting them.

So, what are your thoughts on this years holiday collections?, will you be getting anything? Post your wishlists in the comments!


  1. I agree, it's only the little pigment sets I'll be getting! I want all 3 but am on somewhat of a spending ban until after Christmas :( Hopefully they'll still be in stock! x

  2. I think Im going to get one of the brush sets, just notsure which one.

  3. I think I'll get the little pigments as well....I don't have any pigments and this seem to be a good way to get some different ones. Hope they'll come to Denmark soon!

  4. I think the pigment sets are a really good bargain! Especially when you consider how expensive one single pigment is.

    Mia - Hopefully they will be in your Danish stores soon!



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