Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Retail Therapy @ Lush

Today I was in a lovely happy mood at work, feeling good after my Bodyjam workout yesterday. But then the sandwich guys got my order completely wrong and my mom ordered Euros instead of Dollars. We then had to wait 40mins for the Travelex lady to get together the dollars. So I got back to the office starving, expecting my sausage sandwich to be waiting for me on my desk, only to find it missing from our order and my lunch salad looking like death. Grrrrr... I was not happy.

So the point of this story is that I tootled off into town and hit up Boots and Lush!! Of course I picked up a couple of things, I have been fairly unhappy with the state of my skin lately and am hoping what I got will be my miracle cure.... Hmmmmm only time will tell!

Right, on to what I got...

I started with their Angles On Bare Skin cleanser, it costs £5.42 for 100g. Lush have filled this cleanser with loads of really good ingredients and a lot less chemicals. It has essential oils of Rose to soothe any redness or sensitivity and Lavender to balance out any oilyness or blemishes. Sounds good to me!

Next, I picked up Enzymion Moisturiser (£11.98/45g), I have used this before and loved it. It has a ton of natural fruity ingredients to brighten skin tone and mattify even the most oily of skins. From past experience, I have to say for the most part it does exactly that. I really recommend this for people with oily skins, its a really light cream and sinks right in without leaving me a greasy mess. Another reason to part with your hard earned cash is that it smells amazing, great for a citrussy/fruity scent lover like myself.

The last skincare item I picked up is the Mask of Magnaminty (£4.09/125g), according to the Lush Times it is a "Reviving minty mask to deep cleanse. Leaves your skin feeling fantastically fresh." At the moment I have a particularly bad breakout on my jaw and forehead, I thought this would be a great remedy to really clean out my pores, i'm going to be trying this out tonight.

Snow Fairy, Snow Fairy... Where for art thou Snow Fairy (£2.95/100g). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shower gel. It comes out once a year for christmas and I have to stock up. I get 2 of the big bottles each year and they usually last me until the next christmas. It is my all time favourite shower gel. Its bright pink and has iridescent sparkles with a candy floss fragrance. A-MAY-ZING! The sparkles do not rub off on you, for those not wanting to get out of the shower looking like a disco ball. If you haven't tried this yet, go get some right now, I promise you'll love it!

Finally, I got the Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar (£5.37/55g). It is a shampoo and conditioner in one, which I thought would be perfect for the gym, especially after swimming as my hair gets so dry. It has a strong scent of Jasmine, the same fragrance as Flying Fox shower gel. It has chunks of solid cocoa butter in it, which will be great for my thick, dry and frizzy hair. Can't wait to try this out after Aqua Aerobics on Thursday.

So there you have it, my Lush haul. I will be reviewing these items in a couple of weeks when i've had a chance to use everything properly. If you don't have a Lush store near you, you can check out the Lush website. They have the full range of products and use popcorn to pack your orders! Just click HERE and choose your country's flag.

Thanks so much for reading and please leave me any comments or questions you have!


  1. Hey! Keep up the good work! I love watching your videos, and now you are part of the blogger world, which I love! Shout out to Canada!

  2. Hi Niki, Thanks for your comment! I'm actually coming to Canada on the 19th Novemeber. I'm going to the IMATS in Toronto. I'm really looking forward to it xxx



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