Wednesday, 20 January 2010

FOTD: 20.01.10

My Mom and Dad are having a party on the 30th January for all my family, so obviously I'm thinking about how I should do my makeup. After watching Tiffany's latest video, I decided to give it a go. This was my practice run but I really love how it turned out. Its actually much brighter in the flesh, my camera and lighting doesn't do it any justice. Let me know what you think, Perfect party look???

Products Used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NW20
Prescriptives Flawless Skin Concealer - Light
Nars Blush - Orgasm
Elizabeth Arden Highlighter

MAC Paint - Cotton Candy
MAC E/S - Mylar, Sweet Lust, Poste Haste, Soft Brown
L'Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner - Black
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara - Very Black

Sephora Lip Pencil - Pale Pink
MAC Lipstick - Pure Rose
MAC Lipglass - Underage

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

TAG: Products I'm Using Right Now

I think this tag has been going around for a while, but its a good one, so i'm going to do it for you now!

Shampoo: MOP C-System

Conditioner: MOP C-System

Shower gel: I have a ton of different ones in the shower at any one time, at the moment my favourites are Lush's Snow Fairy and Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus.

Styling products: V05 Mega Hold Gel - Its pretty much the only styling product I use on my hair ever!

Body moisturiser: Lush's Heavanilli Massage Bar, pure vanilla goodness!

Deodorant: You can't beat Sure Crystal, I will never use a different one now.

Fake Tan: Victoria Secret Bare Bronze Tanning Moisturiser

Foundation: Make Up Forever HD - I think this is a keeper for me, I haven't found one to beat it yet!

Powder: Make Up For Ever HD Powder or MAC MSF Natural in Medium

Concealer: MAC Studio Moisture or Make Up Forever Concealer Pallet

Blush: Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium

Bronzer: Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in shade 02

Highlighter: MAC Refined MSF or Sigma Makeup Highlighter

Eyeshadows: Yaby Dramatically Neutral Pallet, Sigma Makeup Shadows and MAC Patina & Mystery.

Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast - No matter how many different mascaras I try, I always come back to this one. I use the regular one in very black.

Lipstick: MAC Creme D'Nude and Viva Glam V

Lipgloss: Heidi Klum for Victoria Secret

Nail Colour: Zoya 'Posh'
I really like doing tags, so if you have any others you think I can do for my blog please let me know. Also, if you do/have done this tag please link me to it the comments. I want to find more beauty/fasion blogs, I think my current favourites are too limited.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Makeup Organisation: My MAC Pallets

Now that we are all over the Chrismas Period and in to the New Year its time to get organised. So over the next few post, i’m going to be sharing with you all my makeup organisation and any tips I have that are useful for those of us with large makeup collections. First up it the turn of my MAC eyeshadow pallets. I reorganise them all the time, but in the end I always come back to the way they are now. Its my tried and trusted setup.
I keep them all in a 15-pan pallets and each colour has its own pallet. I label them so its easy to find what I’m looking for. You’ll see that I tend to go in order of light to dark and I also try to keep warm colours together and cool colours together wherever possible.
Italics = My favourites
(P) = Mac Pro Colour
(LE) = Limited Edition
(D)= Discontinued

*Click Pictures To Expand*
White Frost, Gesso, Vellum, Mylar, Vanilla
Blanc Type, Brule, Sugarshot (LE), Phloof!, Bisque
Shroom, Femme-Fi (LE), Malt, Nylon, Claire De Lune (LE)

Arctic Grey (LE), Electra, Silverthorn (LE), Silver Ring
Smoke And Diamonds (LE), Apres-Ski (LE), Knight Divine,
Club, Print, Mont Black (LE), Carbon


Cork, Quarry, Wedge, Soft Brown, Honesty
Woodwinked, Time & Space (LE), Patina, Tempting, Bronze
Swiss Chocolate, Espresso, Mystery, Mineral, Magnetic Fields (LE)
Gorgeous Gold, Bright Sunshine (P), Juiced (D)
Amber Lights, Evening Aura (LE), Rule, Red Brick (P)
Expensive Pink, Paradisco, Coppering
Vex, Sour Lemon (P), Overgrown
Aquavert (LE), Juxt, Bio Green (P), Pagan (LE)
Swimming, Humid, Bottle Green (P), Kelly Green (P)

Aqua (P), Aquadisiac, Shimmermoss, Steamy, Newly Minted
Sky Blue (P), Tilt, Talent Pool (LE), Nile (LE), Freshwater
Cobalt (P), Atlantic Blue (P), Contrast, Electric Eel, Plumage

Digit, Beautiful Iris, Poison Pen (D), Parfait Armour, Top Hat (LE)
Plum (P), Lilac Touch (LE), Satellite Dreams,
Lotusland (LE), Stars N’ Rockets, Vibrant Grape (P), Nocturnelle


Pen N’ Pink (D), Sweet Lust, Et Tu Bouquet? (LE), Wintersky (LE)
Girlie, Soft Flower (LE), Dear Cupcake (LE), Sushi Flower, Poste Haste
Star Violet, Cranberry, Hepcat, Sketch, Beauty Marked

The last photo here is all of my other MAC eyeshadows that are either limited edition singles that I haven’t depotted yet or they are limited edition quads, mini pallets or mineralised eyeshadows that don’t go in pallets.
So there you go, if you want anymore information or have any requests about my MAC pallets or general makeup organisation. Just leave me a comment and i’ll try my best to help.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In and Out - January 2010

This is my first Ins and Outs post, but its what I love reading on other peoples blogs, so I'm adding it to mine!

In This Month

Number One: The Weather

England was hit with a snow storm yesterday, which for the snow-loving souls like me, is BRILLIANT. I adore snow, I love having to wrap up with tons of layers, I love walking with snowflakes catching on my eyelashes and most of all I love waking up in the morning to the blanket of white outside my window. Everything just looks so much prettier in the snow.

Number Two: Lush Baths

In this cold wintery weather there is nothing nicer than a hot, steaming bubble bath and there is no product out there in the whole world that can top a long soak in the tub with Lush's The Comforter Bubble Bar and a really good book. Pure bliss!

Number Three: My Yaby Eyeshadow Pallet

I have the Dramatically Neutral pallet, which for me has a much better colour selection than the one pictured above, as I tend to do a lot more neutral looks. I got this at IMATS for $71 and I've used this almost everyday since. The colours have amazing staying power, very pigmented and there is a really good selection of neutral colours in the set. Well worth the money. Its also the perfect pallet to travel with.

Out This Month

Number One: Going Back To Work

Yes, for me going back to work after my 2 weeks off for Christmas is the only bad thing in this months ins and outs.  I've really enjoyed being able to stay in bed later and just generally relaxing. I've been back at work for 3 days and I'm already ready for another holiday. Oh how I wish I was a lady of leisure!

What are you loving or hating this month??

I Got An Award!

Wowzers!! How ecstatic am I to receive this award from Laura, she has the most amazing blog, its the one blog I check before anyone else. So thank you so much Laura, you're the best!

Rules for recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

So here are the blogs i'm awarding:


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