Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In and Out - January 2010

This is my first Ins and Outs post, but its what I love reading on other peoples blogs, so I'm adding it to mine!

In This Month

Number One: The Weather

England was hit with a snow storm yesterday, which for the snow-loving souls like me, is BRILLIANT. I adore snow, I love having to wrap up with tons of layers, I love walking with snowflakes catching on my eyelashes and most of all I love waking up in the morning to the blanket of white outside my window. Everything just looks so much prettier in the snow.

Number Two: Lush Baths

In this cold wintery weather there is nothing nicer than a hot, steaming bubble bath and there is no product out there in the whole world that can top a long soak in the tub with Lush's The Comforter Bubble Bar and a really good book. Pure bliss!

Number Three: My Yaby Eyeshadow Pallet

I have the Dramatically Neutral pallet, which for me has a much better colour selection than the one pictured above, as I tend to do a lot more neutral looks. I got this at IMATS for $71 and I've used this almost everyday since. The colours have amazing staying power, very pigmented and there is a really good selection of neutral colours in the set. Well worth the money. Its also the perfect pallet to travel with.

Out This Month

Number One: Going Back To Work

Yes, for me going back to work after my 2 weeks off for Christmas is the only bad thing in this months ins and outs.  I've really enjoyed being able to stay in bed later and just generally relaxing. I've been back at work for 3 days and I'm already ready for another holiday. Oh how I wish I was a lady of leisure!

What are you loving or hating this month??

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  1. Great post Charlotte! Love the new layout too, very cute xx



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