Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Makeup Collection/Organisation

So, as this has been much requested, especially by Laura  (<3) and Gemma (<3),  I'm finally getting round to posting my makeup collection and how I store it. I think i've done quite well with what I have and although it may not work for everyone, It's perfect for me. Its took a while to finally get it how I want. So here goes!

This is the general set up of my makeup desk, the desk is from Ikea, I got it a few months ago and i'm not really sure what the name of it is. I like it because its long and thin, which fits perfectly in my bedroom and has 2 drawers.

The first drawer is full of things that are in transition, I either don't have room anywhere else for them or I need to depot them or they just don't belong anywhere else, like the eyelash curler!

The drawers have 3 cutlery trays in them which provides me with handy little sections to store things in. These were again from Ikea and I think only about 50p each. Three fit perfectly in the drawer without a millimeter to spare!

The second draw is a mish-mash of stuff. I keep my various different eyeshadow pallets in here that are too big for my Muji drawers and then there is spare pots, disposable mascara and lipgloss wands, sponges, etc... Whatever I find that doesn't go anywhere else.

Then I have these 3 cubes stacked. These are from Office Depot in America, I ordered them online and had them shipped to the UK via my Bundle Box

The bottom cube is just 2 drawers. I like them because they are quite deep and the perfect size for pencils and things.

As you can see, the top drawers is full of eyeliners, both liquid and pencil. The bottom is full of mascaras, I always have lots of mascaras on the go at once.

The top cube is full of lipglosses, I have the miniatures that came in last years MAC Holiday Sets on the right and tubes on the left. The top section is random glosses from all different brands that aren't MAC.

The middle cube has all my MAC lipglosses on the right and dazzleglasses in the top section. The left section is all my MAC shadesticks and the bottom is NYX Jumbo Pencils and two YSL cream eyeshadows.

Next to my cubes are some of my brushes, I keep the brushes I use the least out on my desk. Face brushes in the vase I got from John Lewis for £12, I filled it with rice to keep the brushes upright. The eye brushes are in my Glitzy-Glam brush holder which came with the beads.

My favourite brushes I keep in my brush roll. The majority of these are MAC with a few others thrown in for good measure.

My mirror is a Babyliss one from John Lewis, which was my present from my Nan and Grandad for Christmas. It has just one light setting you switch on and off at the base.

I keep my MAC eyeshadow pallets just simply stacked on my desk. I have used nail varnish to paint a stripe on the side so I know which pallet is which. If you want to see what eyeshadows I have and how they are organised see my earlier blog post HERE. 

These are my drawers from Muji, click here to be taken to the exact ones on the website. They are individual drawers that stack together. So whenever you outgrow your collection you can simply add another drawer on top. They come in a few different sizes, so its really good for addicts like me that have to keep buying more drawers.

So, working from the bottom up, the first drawer is all blush products. I depot all my MAC blushes into pallets except the Limited Edition ones that I like the packaging of. 

The next drawer is primers, foundation and concealers. This drawer is too full and needs separating. I will get another drawer to split the primers from the rest. MUFE definitely have the best foundations and primers in my opinion.

The next drawer is my highlighters. I think i'm lacking in the MAC MSF department. I'm on the lookout for a couple more in different shades.

Lipsticks come next, I have MAC on one side and everything else on the other.

I store them this way so the labels are facing out. That way when I pull the drawer out I can read the labels through the plastic sides and its easy for me to find what i'm looking for. 

Next are my paint pots and fluidlines, these are probably my favourite things to collect. I adore paintpots and never put eyeshadow on without one. I also have my MUFE Flash Pallet in here.

This drawer is my MAC Pigments, including samples. I get mine from Makeup Geek's online store, and she ships to the UK. I have a few MAC Paints in here too.

These are mineral pigments from Calypso Minerals, I have had them a while and they are good products but I wouldn't recommend the company. I had to complain over and over to get these once I had paid for them, I finally got them about 6 months later. The company has had some problems recently and I wouldn't go near them now.

The last drawer is a mixture of eyeshadow quads and pallets. 

This is how it looks all together!

Finally, on top of these drawers are my brush cleanser and product sanitiser from Beauty So Clean, I got these at IMATS. I have mixing mediums and all of my Naked pigments that I need to buy another drawer for and then my kabuki brushes, MAC 181 and 182.

Wowzers! So there you have it. Hopefully you will have picked up some tips and trick to organise your collections. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments!


  1. Those boxes look cute cuz, bundle box ftw <3 Epic, love it xxxxxxxxx

  2. Omg I loooooooooove it!! Those cubes you store your lipglosses in are so cute and ideal. How do you find the Benefit lipsticks? I keep meaning to go and swatch them and give them a go, but I just keep forgetting lol

    Fab post, I love it xx

  3. Thank you!!!

    I really love the Benefit lipsticks, the silky finish are awesome. They feel like lip balm. I love Good To Go and Swoonderful xxx

  4. Woweeeee, what a collection :) The storage is fab! xxx



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