Saturday, 3 April 2010

Candles By Victoria - Haul & Review

So, its early on Saturday morning and I hope all or your Easter weekends are going well. I'm sitting watching the Qualifiers for the Malaysian Grand Prix, Formula 1 being another of my obsessions, looking forward to Easter Sunday tomorrow. I'm going to watch the football, Birmingham City vs Liverpool, with my Mom, Dad and Brother. Anyways, onto the goodies. My cousin recently found a website that enables me to buy from US websites that don't ship internationally. Check it out

I ordered during the March sale, 10% off all month long with the discount code texasrose. I chose to get a 9oz Sampler Pack, 3 Country Footed Jars and 1 Comfort Candle. Victoria also gives a free Scent Shot with every order.  I have had these candles before and they burn so nicely, they burn evenly all the way down the candle and the scent throw is amazing. After just 15 minutes the entire room is full of fragrance and as long as you look after your wicks, trimming them frequently, they burn clean. None of those horrible black soot stains up your walls. 

Victoria offers 3 different sampler packs, these are 6 candles that you can choose whatever scents you want, for a cheaper price than if you bought them individually. I chose the 9oz candles, which costs $45. You get a saving here of $4.50. The fragrances I chose are as follows:

Peppermint Bark:
This is a gorgeous chocolate and mint scent. Think After Eights and you've got it! Definitely one i'll be reordering.

Edward Cullen:
According to Stephanie Myer, Edward smells like honey, sunshine and lilac. Whether this is that, I don't know, I can definitely smell the notes of honey (the Lush HIWTK kind) and florals but I don't get much sunshine. Although, what sunshine smells like I have no idea. 

Peaches and Cream:
This is straight up peaches and cream. Heavy on the peach with a subtle scent of vanillary cream coming through. The peach has a tiny hint of spice to it. Lovely!

Sugared Spruce:
This is the only one of the bunch i've had before. It is pure christmas tree pine. Its a real favourite of mine. 

Pink Sugar:
I've read that this is a dupe of a perfume, but i've never smelt it. The description of this candle was enough for me to order this. Its a very sweet, candyish scent. I love it and i'm going to hunt down the perfume now.

I'll admit I only ordered this because my cat is called Elvis. Its a nutty banana scent. Smells good enough to eat. A yummy banana cake with nuts sprinkled on top. Really delicious! 

The country footed candles are 18oz!! Thats a huge amount of wax! They have a wide opening to get the maximum scent throw and 2 wicks to ensure an even burn. I chose to get 

Honey I Washed The Youngins:
This is a dupe of the Lush bestselling soap Honey I Washed The Kids. Although since I ordered Victoria has had to change the name to Bathtime With Pooh because of copyright issues. The Lush scent is my absolute favourite so I knew I was going to love it. Its an exact match, couldn't be any more perfect. Just gorgeous!

Being the obsessed Twilight fan that I am, nothing was going to get in the way of me and this candle. It has sweet notes and floral notes which combine to make a nice pleasant candle. Its a little too much on the floral for my liking but still very nice. Candles all smell different when burnt, so I can't wait to light it.  

This one is Tiffany D
Melon, melon, melon with a shot of vanilla and sugar. Pure heaven! This is my clear favourite of the order and the first one I had to burn as soon as I got home.

Caramel Gingered Apple Crisp:
This is a comfort candle, so it has the different scented layers with the little crisp wax chunks on top. This is a very spicy, warming apple scent, exactly like the dessert. You get a strong scent of ginger and cinnamon with the underlying apple notes. I don't smell any caramel but obviously I haven't burnt it yet, so I haven't got to the caramel layer. Its a lovely candle.

Pink Sugar and Coconut:
This was the free scent shot I got, another Pink Sugar perfume dupe but this time with added coconut. I think the coconut masks a lot of the Pink Sugar scent but as I love coconut this doesn't bother me. I like it a lot and can't wait to burn it.

These candles are all gorgeous and leave my place smelling absolutely gorgeous. I really recommend Candles by Victoria to everyone and is absolutely a must for candle lovers like myself. Be sure to sign up for her monthly newsletter to find out when the sales are. 

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