Friday, 25 June 2010

In and Out - No.2

So I thought the easiest way of letting you know what i've been up to and what I'm loving at the moment is to do one of these posts.  So on to the good stuff!


1. Yoga

My friends and I have recently took up a weekly Bodybalance class. Its a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates and I must say I am really loving it. Be under no illusions, the class is killer and you really ache the next day. But it is getting a little easier with each class and I will get the slender, toned figure of our instructor in the end. 

2. June Sport

As someone who has never been into playing sports, I love watching them. Wimbledon is my all time favourite sporting event to watch. I love it, I could sit and watch it all day without moving off the sofa. I'm rooting for Rafa Nadal and Andy Roddick as usual. But not only do we have Wimbledon this year, its the World Cup. Again, I try to watch as much of it as possible. There is nothing quite like sitting in the pub watching England play. Come on boys, we can stuff the Germans!

3. Skincare That Works

You may have seen on twitter that I recently tweeted about the cult fave cleanser from Eve Lom. I have a review coming up in the next couple of posts but i'll prequel the review by saying it's AMAZING! No joke, best skincare product i've ever used.

4. Being Excited

This may not be an actual 'thing' but its what i've been doing lately. I'm so looking forward to going to Tennessee with my friend Emily in September, i've ordered a guide book and have been reading it non-stop! My list of things to do, places to go and restaurants to eat at is just getting longer and longer each day. I'm also excited about going to the Secret Garden Party Festival in July. I've gone the last 2 years and have loved it. Lets hope the weather is good... Keep your fingers crossed for me!

5. Converse

I just bought a pair of navy ones and they are my new love, wearing them makes me happy. They go with everything. I wear them with jeans and a tee for shopping mainly but I dressed them up to go to the Pink concert last night. Its the start a love affair for life.


1. Working

It just seems so wrong to be working when the sun is out and all you want to do is not be at work! However, I do not complain when my wages go into the bank at the end of the month. There is always a silver lining to work.

2. Blackberry Not On O2

I have an iPhone, which I adore and would not give up for the world. But I would quite like to try a Blackberry again. I had one about 2 years ago before I got my first iPhone but it was not up to the high standard that they are now. The only problem is that o2 don't supply them on Pay As You Go. I already have my contract and so just want to buy the phone, but I can't and its really annoying me. I hope they are going to change this rule in the near future.


  1. Love your ins and outs Charlotte! Bodybalance looks like a lot of hard work but I should imagine it's quite fun ith a group of friends. My friends have just taken up Zumba class which looks fab but the class starts when I'm in work unfortunately. Definitely interested in something like this though. My local gym/swimming pool burned down in December and there's no sign of it being rebuilt, so there's not a lot around her for fitness anymore. Oh, and I've been living in my converse too!! xx

  2. Thanks Laura, Bodybalance is hard and i'm definitely not the best at it, but i'm getting there. I keep hearing good things about Zumba but its not a class they offer at my gym. Its a shame you can't go with them :( xxx



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