Saturday, 28 August 2010

Filofax Love

So I recently came across Sofia and her amazing blog. I've been reading practically every post she's ever written and I urge you to go check her out. Anyway, she mentioned that she'd bought a filofax and I have been googling filofaxes ever since. What I found is an online community dedicated to their love of filofaxes. As someone who carries around a diary and 2 notebooks in her handbag everyday, I don't know why I've not thought of getting a filofax before. After much research, I had decided that the Personal Red Finsbury was the one for me, although I confess I based this solely on the fact that it is the exact one Katherine Heigl uses in one of my favourite ever films 27 Dresses. 

So yesterday, I saw Sofia had posted this Filofax Obsession blogpost and I knew it was time to bite the bullet. I went straight to Selfridges after work and to my delight found that all Filofaxes were 20% off, it was meant to be. They had the Finsbury I wanted in Red, Aqua, Raspberry and Brown. I came for the Red but left with the Raspberry. Its just such a gorgeous colour and in my opinion much nicer than the Red. It's safe to say that I absolutely LOVE it and have been delightfully filling it ever since! 

If you too are lusting after a Filofax, check out these blogs, they will not help cure your obsession:

 -  Philofaxy

Happy Filofaxing!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

A different kind of blog post from me today, I realise that a lot of what I post is about materials things. So today I wanted to share my favourite things that don't necessarily cost anything but make me happy anyway!

Click any of the image to enlarge!

No.1 - Elvis
Elvis is my baby! I love him to bits, I always wanted a cat and when I moved into my own flat, I rescued him from a family that couldn't look after him properly. He was really timid and afraid at first but after a couple of weeks he came out of his shell and is now really outgoing and loves cuddles! I live on my own and I love it that way but its always nice to walk in the door and see him sitting on the table in the hall waiting for me. I couldn't live without him now!

No.2 - Halloween
I love anything and everything to do with Halloween, these 'old style' primitive decorations are my favourite and stay on my shelves all year round. I always try to have either a dinner party or fancy dress party or something for Halloween. It is my life-long dream to spend a Halloween in America so I can see all the trick or treaters and stuff. It would be amazing! 

No.3 - My Fridge Door
My fridge door is a constant reminder of all of the wonderful experiences i've been lucky enough to have. I buy magnets of each new place I visit and when I look at my fridge I can't help but smile. 

No.4 - Friends
I just could not do a list like this and not include my friends. We are a lovely bunch and have a brilliant time together, whether its at our monthly bake off or games night or going out for drinks or whatever! I <3 them all very much!

No.5 - Angels Sign
I got this sign for myself as a housewarming present when I bought my flat, I love all the crafty/primitive signs and angels like this, I have them all over my flat. But this one is my most favourite of all of them, its a close tie between this and an angel my Aunt Carol gave me (You can actually just about see the angel on the far right of my Halloween picture, I loved it for years, I would keep looking at it each time we visited her in New York and when I bought my flat she gave it to me to start my collection off). Most of them I got in America, they have the best ones over there. I actually have too many, I buy ones that I love whenever I see them but have no room left to hang them. I just keep them safe for when I eventually move into a bigger house.

No.6 - Baking

I love to bake, no matter if its cupcakes, bread, muffins, biscuits, etc... I love the methodical way of measuring out the ingredients and seeing what it all becomes at the end. My friends and I have regular 'bake-offs' where we each bake something for a different friend but we all get together and try what we all baked with cups of tea. Its so much fun and I love the feeling of anticipation of what I'm going to bake next.

No.7 - Christmas
I have an irrational love for all things Christmas. I love the decorations, food, presents, smells, spending quality time with my family and friends. Come December I am permanently burning a pine scented candle, brewing mulled wine, wrapping gifts (a huge passion of mine), decorating and enjoying all the festive food. I get it from my mother, she adores Christmas and cannot wait for me and my brother to give her some grandchildren she can spoil. This photo is one of my moms favourites of me and my brother seeing Father Christmas at Rackhams (A store in Birmingham). This one she had copied and framed and gave to me last christmas. It now has pride of place on the shelves in my living room.

Here's a challenge for you, sit down for 10 minutes and think about the things that you love! It makes you realise just how lucky you are! I know I am very grateful for everything and everyone that I have in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Let me know what makes you happy!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Oops! I fell into Next on the way home!

So technically I didn't fall into the shop but more made a strategic decision to go in and get something new to wear for going out tomorrow night with my friends, but hey, my bank account doesn't need to know that! *Insert evil muah ha ha laugh*

So, first of all can I just say how much I love Next clothes. I never ever went into Next until a couple of months ago and now i'm addicted. The clothes change all the time, so there is always something new I haven't seen before and they are really reasonably priced. Bonus! 

Now on to the good stuff! I got this dress, it was £28.00 and although you wouldn't believe it looking at the  weather, it is still summer so I should get some use out of it. The main reason I bought it though is for my holiday coming up, its should be hot and sunny in Nashville.

Then I saw this dress and I just knew I had to get it. It so boho/vintage chic and I love it. It cost £35.00 and is just beautiful. I'm channeling Aria from Pretty Little Liars here...

I teamed this dress up with some pretty cool accessories, these are 'Military Style' according to the label. Whatever that means!

Double Strand Necklace - £5

Close up of the charms!

These matching set of earrings were £7.50

Of which, these hearts are my favourite!

So there you have it, working in a town centre makes it so easy for these little sprees, I walk past all these shops daily! Sometimes you just have to give in to temptation! Lol!

As a side note - how awesome is my new camera. I love it!


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Hey Bloggees!
I'm starting a new series of post on my blog, so every week I'm going to have a Thursday Thoughts post, a way telling you guys whatever is on mind. As this is a little update too, it's going to be a long one this week.

Right at this current moment I am lying in the bath (a Lush bath of course!), typing this post on my iPhone. Oh the wonders of modern technology! Incidentally, in case you were curious i'm using the Comforter bubble bar! Tis very scrumptious!

Lush The Comforter - Image at

This last couple of weeks has been so stressful at work, my mom (who I work with) is on holiday in Hawaii so I'm pretty much doing 3 peoples work by myself. But not to worry, my mom is back in just over a week and my favourite partner in crime at work, who left last year to go to uni, is coming back to work part time from the 1st September, so *happy dance* for that news! Never the less I'm definitly treating myself to something special when I go on holiday to Tennessee with my friend Emily next month. I haven't decided between something from Tiffany to match my key or a Louis Vuitton handbag. I am leaning towards the Louis but can't decide between the Lockit or Neverfull. What do you guys think? Tiffany or Louis? Either way I can't lose right! Lol!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Image at

I had a huge clearout of stuff this week, got rid of all the products that are out of date now or don't work for my skin anymore. Especially now I've found my holy grail Eve Lom cleanser. Of which there will be a review on my YouTube very soon. I have filmed it already, just got to edit it. I feel much better now though, having space to enjoy the products I love without worrying about using the stuff I've bought on a whim and don't really like all that much. Clarity for the mind, that's what it is!

Hmmm, I think I've exhausted all my thoughts for this week! As an end note, please leave me a comment with what you'd like to see on my blog and YouTube. I have a few blog ideas that I will be putting into motion over the next few weeks, but any improvements you can think of or requests of anything just let me know! Constructive critism is welcome, i've got a tough skin! If i don't like it, I'll just STUPEFY you all! Harry Potter reference for you there, I have just re-read all seven books again for the gazillionth time!

Harry Potter ROCKS! - Image at

Peace out y'all!


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