Friday, 20 August 2010

Oops! I fell into Next on the way home!

So technically I didn't fall into the shop but more made a strategic decision to go in and get something new to wear for going out tomorrow night with my friends, but hey, my bank account doesn't need to know that! *Insert evil muah ha ha laugh*

So, first of all can I just say how much I love Next clothes. I never ever went into Next until a couple of months ago and now i'm addicted. The clothes change all the time, so there is always something new I haven't seen before and they are really reasonably priced. Bonus! 

Now on to the good stuff! I got this dress, it was £28.00 and although you wouldn't believe it looking at the  weather, it is still summer so I should get some use out of it. The main reason I bought it though is for my holiday coming up, its should be hot and sunny in Nashville.

Then I saw this dress and I just knew I had to get it. It so boho/vintage chic and I love it. It cost £35.00 and is just beautiful. I'm channeling Aria from Pretty Little Liars here...

I teamed this dress up with some pretty cool accessories, these are 'Military Style' according to the label. Whatever that means!

Double Strand Necklace - £5

Close up of the charms!

These matching set of earrings were £7.50

Of which, these hearts are my favourite!

So there you have it, working in a town centre makes it so easy for these little sprees, I walk past all these shops daily! Sometimes you just have to give in to temptation! Lol!

As a side note - how awesome is my new camera. I love it!



  1. What camera did you get Charl, the Sony panoramic one? Or a video camera? Love the second dress, so pretty xx

  2. Thanks Gem, yeah I got exactly the same one as my mom. It does that panoramic thing. Takes wicked pictures and video xxx

  3. I've tried to comment 4 times on this post now, so here goes again haha (damn internet connection!)

    I looooooooove everything you got but the second dress and necklace just looks gorgeous on you xx

  4. Awwwww! Your so lovely Laura, my favourite internet friend! xxxx



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