Monday, 23 August 2010

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

A different kind of blog post from me today, I realise that a lot of what I post is about materials things. So today I wanted to share my favourite things that don't necessarily cost anything but make me happy anyway!

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No.1 - Elvis
Elvis is my baby! I love him to bits, I always wanted a cat and when I moved into my own flat, I rescued him from a family that couldn't look after him properly. He was really timid and afraid at first but after a couple of weeks he came out of his shell and is now really outgoing and loves cuddles! I live on my own and I love it that way but its always nice to walk in the door and see him sitting on the table in the hall waiting for me. I couldn't live without him now!

No.2 - Halloween
I love anything and everything to do with Halloween, these 'old style' primitive decorations are my favourite and stay on my shelves all year round. I always try to have either a dinner party or fancy dress party or something for Halloween. It is my life-long dream to spend a Halloween in America so I can see all the trick or treaters and stuff. It would be amazing! 

No.3 - My Fridge Door
My fridge door is a constant reminder of all of the wonderful experiences i've been lucky enough to have. I buy magnets of each new place I visit and when I look at my fridge I can't help but smile. 

No.4 - Friends
I just could not do a list like this and not include my friends. We are a lovely bunch and have a brilliant time together, whether its at our monthly bake off or games night or going out for drinks or whatever! I <3 them all very much!

No.5 - Angels Sign
I got this sign for myself as a housewarming present when I bought my flat, I love all the crafty/primitive signs and angels like this, I have them all over my flat. But this one is my most favourite of all of them, its a close tie between this and an angel my Aunt Carol gave me (You can actually just about see the angel on the far right of my Halloween picture, I loved it for years, I would keep looking at it each time we visited her in New York and when I bought my flat she gave it to me to start my collection off). Most of them I got in America, they have the best ones over there. I actually have too many, I buy ones that I love whenever I see them but have no room left to hang them. I just keep them safe for when I eventually move into a bigger house.

No.6 - Baking

I love to bake, no matter if its cupcakes, bread, muffins, biscuits, etc... I love the methodical way of measuring out the ingredients and seeing what it all becomes at the end. My friends and I have regular 'bake-offs' where we each bake something for a different friend but we all get together and try what we all baked with cups of tea. Its so much fun and I love the feeling of anticipation of what I'm going to bake next.

No.7 - Christmas
I have an irrational love for all things Christmas. I love the decorations, food, presents, smells, spending quality time with my family and friends. Come December I am permanently burning a pine scented candle, brewing mulled wine, wrapping gifts (a huge passion of mine), decorating and enjoying all the festive food. I get it from my mother, she adores Christmas and cannot wait for me and my brother to give her some grandchildren she can spoil. This photo is one of my moms favourites of me and my brother seeing Father Christmas at Rackhams (A store in Birmingham). This one she had copied and framed and gave to me last christmas. It now has pride of place on the shelves in my living room.

Here's a challenge for you, sit down for 10 minutes and think about the things that you love! It makes you realise just how lucky you are! I know I am very grateful for everything and everyone that I have in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Let me know what makes you happy!


  1. Aww Charlotte what a lovely, lovely post. Elvis is a sweetie :) I think it's too easy to get caught up in the materialistic side of blogging so this was a really touching and sweet post. I love sentimental things like this. I love baking too, my Hummingbird Bakery book is covered in flour lol :) xx

  2. Thanks so much Laura! XXXXXXXXX

  3. Great post Charlotte.
    I am loving Elvis, he is very cute! But then again I would say that as I am a big fan of cats! :D (I have two of my own, who can be hard work but I adore them). It was their 4th Birthday last month and I even buy them Birthday cards and a present lol.

  4. Thank you! I know what you mean Chrystal, last christmas me and my mom got Elvis a little bag full of presents. I think he loved playing with the wrapping paper more than the actual presents. Lol! xxx



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