Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Hey Bloggees!
I'm starting a new series of post on my blog, so every week I'm going to have a Thursday Thoughts post, a way telling you guys whatever is on mind. As this is a little update too, it's going to be a long one this week.

Right at this current moment I am lying in the bath (a Lush bath of course!), typing this post on my iPhone. Oh the wonders of modern technology! Incidentally, in case you were curious i'm using the Comforter bubble bar! Tis very scrumptious!

Lush The Comforter - Image at

This last couple of weeks has been so stressful at work, my mom (who I work with) is on holiday in Hawaii so I'm pretty much doing 3 peoples work by myself. But not to worry, my mom is back in just over a week and my favourite partner in crime at work, who left last year to go to uni, is coming back to work part time from the 1st September, so *happy dance* for that news! Never the less I'm definitly treating myself to something special when I go on holiday to Tennessee with my friend Emily next month. I haven't decided between something from Tiffany to match my key or a Louis Vuitton handbag. I am leaning towards the Louis but can't decide between the Lockit or Neverfull. What do you guys think? Tiffany or Louis? Either way I can't lose right! Lol!

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I had a huge clearout of stuff this week, got rid of all the products that are out of date now or don't work for my skin anymore. Especially now I've found my holy grail Eve Lom cleanser. Of which there will be a review on my YouTube very soon. I have filmed it already, just got to edit it. I feel much better now though, having space to enjoy the products I love without worrying about using the stuff I've bought on a whim and don't really like all that much. Clarity for the mind, that's what it is!

Hmmm, I think I've exhausted all my thoughts for this week! As an end note, please leave me a comment with what you'd like to see on my blog and YouTube. I have a few blog ideas that I will be putting into motion over the next few weeks, but any improvements you can think of or requests of anything just let me know! Constructive critism is welcome, i've got a tough skin! If i don't like it, I'll just STUPEFY you all! Harry Potter reference for you there, I have just re-read all seven books again for the gazillionth time!

Harry Potter ROCKS! - Image at

Peace out y'all!



  1. oooh buy a Louis!!! Post the pics when you have bought what you choose!
    Great blog by the way, i've just found it

  2. Thanks so much! Everyone I talk to has said get the Louis, so I think i'll have to get it now. I will of course be posting pictures xxx



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