Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thursday Thoughts! - Wheeling and Dealing!

Today's thoughts are about selling your stuff, today I decided to start getting rid of a lot of the un-necessary stuff *cough* makeup *cough*, that I have piling up in my flat.

I just now listed 44 (OMG! My heart aches!) MAC eyeshadows for sale on Specktra and I have cleared out a bunch of other makeup to put up for sale at some point. Happily, I sold 9 within the first 10 minutes of them being listed, yay for me! I think i'm developing a healthier attitude towards makeup. I still LOVE it and will never stop buying it, but now I stop and think, do I really need it?. Also, I am pretty much a neutrals girl at heart so why I ever bought a yellow, red, orange, or fluorescent green eyeshadow in the first place beats me. Silly girl!

I'm trying to take up a less cluttered lifestyle, so doing things like this make me feel good about myself. I am planning to make a trip to the charity shop this weekend. Get rid of some books, clothes, old cd's etc...

In Other News:
This week I have been listening to this song over and over and over, I loved Danny Gokey on American Idol and his debut song is a keeper for me!

One other thing of note, my Urban Decay Book of Shadows III came in the post today, its so beautiful. It's love at first sight for me. I will post a full review with pictures and swatches soon. I'll just insert a little phone picture for the moment to wet your appetite!


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