Monday, 18 October 2010

Eyeko Haul & Review

Hey Bloggers! 

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen I promised a haul and review of my Eyeko goodies, apologies its a little late, I just didn't have time to write it this weekend. On Saturday I went wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping my best friend and on Sunday I had the plumber here all day finally fitting my new shower. Yay for that, having to constantly have baths all the time was really getting on my wick!

Anyhooo, on to the good stuff. I ordered this stuff a while ago and it came when I was away in Tennessee but over the last couple of weeks i've been using everything I ordered and i'm pretty much in love with all of it. Here's a picture of everything I got. I didn't go mad, just a few key things to try.

The first thing I chose was the 'Must Haves' nail polish set. I was most excited about trying the polishes after seeing them on Victoria's Blog. I can honestly say that I LOVE them, the colours are amazing after one coat and apply really easily. The only one where the formula is a bit dodgy and needs 2-3 coats is Vintage, but even so the colour is gorgeous. A definite mixture of China Glaze's For Audrey and Mac's Peppermint Patti. I've swatched them all below, the colours are little more bright in real life.

L-R Coral, Petite, Vintage, Tea Rose, Vampira

My favourite of the bunch by a clear mile is Posh. Its so gorgeous, very easy to apply and its one of the murky/muddy colours i've been lusting after of late. Its definitly up there with my Chanel Particuliere and  Sephora for OPI's Metro Chic. Also, at £3.50 it's a total bargain!

Probably my favourite product of all is the 3in1 Eyeko Cream. It is so beautiful on the skin. My favourite ways to wear it are just on it's own with some eyeliner and mascara for a really natural, healthy glowing, fresh faced look OR used over foundation to highlight my cheek bones and down the middle of my nose OR I like to use it as a light reflecting eye cream, it really does help to conceal the dark circles.

You can see in the picture below the difference it makes just swatched on the back of my hands. Its goes on so smooth and sinks right in. Not greasy feeling at all. I think this would work for all skin types and all skin tones. It really is a hero product!

I decided to try the Big Eyes mascara and to be honest i'm really not that impressed with it. I've shown it below compared to my beloved CoverGirl LashBlast. Its not that it's a bad mascara, its just that I have better. Its very lengthening but it clumps my lashes together too much. I will use it up, but I definitely wouldn't repurchase it.

One product I definitely would repurchase is the Graffiti Eyeliner Pen (swatched below), if you struggle with liquid liner then this really will be your best friend. Its a million times better than Mac's Penultimate eyeliner and is so easy to use. My wings are certainly much improved using this! Lol! Its so easy to get varying eyeliner thicknesses by using less or more pressure and its really pigmented. One swipe and your good to go. A definite must try. I also love to smoke it out using a matte black eyeshadow and a pencil brush, it looks amazing!

So there you have it, my first purchase from Eyeko was definitely a successful one. I'm really happy with everything I chose. The mascara is a bit hit and miss, but I don't mind that. You can't always win with everything. If you haven't tried anything Eyeko yet, check out their website The prices are really reasonable and they always have a free gift code listed on the website so be sure to check that out before you checkout.


Disclaimer: Everything shown and reviewed in this blog was bought and paid for by me! All opinions are my own and not sponsored at all!


  1. I'm hearing lots of good things about Eyeko at the moment. I shall have to investigate. Thanks for the post Charlotte! xx

  2. you've actually made me interested in getting some eyeko products and I was a bit meh about them before now. Great review!!!

  3. I really want the vampire polish. That cream sounds great xx

  4. Lovely things you've got there :-) i love Eyeko!

    x Ilja

  5. Love it! I am loving their nail polishes and can't wait to try the mascara and graffiti pen! Great blog also =) xx

  6. @Laura - Definitely check them out hun! I really love the stuff I got. XXX

    @SweetLikeJelly - I was exactly the same, so of the products are abit too 'novelty' for me but there are some good ones too!

    @Gem - Do you remember that ByTerry £105 serum stuff we tried at SpaceNK. This stuff works just as good for like £8. Bargain!

    @llja - Thanks! Eyeko is definitely on my list of favourites now!

    @Sana - The graffiti pen is so good, I want to get it in the other colours now. Its a great find for me!

    Thanks so much for your comments guys! XXXX

  7. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new nailvarnish's so I'll definately try some of the Eyeko ones
    Great review!

  8. I love the Tea Rose colour! I'm rubbish at liquid eyeliner so I'm really interested in trying that pen out. Also, on a side note: I love how your lashes look with the Covergirl Lashblast. I really need some new mascara and am gonna go for that one!


  9. I remember when this brand was so much cheaper! I miss those days haha x



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