Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Jealousy & Haters in the Online Beauty Community

I really don't know what inspired me to write this post but I think I can trace it back to Michele1218 on youtube. I recently found Michelle through her swap with Lollipop26 and for me it was love at first viewing. Her videos are full of honest reviews, awesome makeup tutorials and my personal favourite, AMAZING HAULS! She's a real, genuine makeup lover with a passion for sharing her beauty knowledge and I loved that about her. But I was really shocked to see this video pop up in my subscription box. I follow Michelle on twitter so I sort of knew it was coming but that made it no less pleasant to watch. The fact that one of the gems of the online beauty community feel so strongly that they have to leave, give me such a bad taste in my mouth and I felt I had to come out with my opinions on the whole topic and openly give support for Michelle and anyone else feeling a little beaten up by the negativity.

I don't know how these haters, these people think that posting horrible, negative, insulting comments and emails is the right thing to do and for me it all comes down to their jealousy. Its so easy to post things anonymously behind a computer screen, where there are no consequences for your actions. But in reality the consequences are losing great beauty vloggers like Michelle.

I can understand when you see some 'gurus' posting review after review of products they have been 'compensated' for, that it gets a little much. I for one whole heartedly disagree with people being paid for reviews of products, I don't think anyone can be totally honest when they are being paid to have an opinion on anything. However, I have no problem with beauty youtubers and bloggers getting sent free products to review as long as they are honest and I genuinely think that 90% of the beauty community are honest and would still post the same videos whether they had 5 subscribers or 50,000.  It's just a small group ruining it for everyone else. I see the changes in people, I see how some people now are completely fake and not at all the same person that started posting videos in the first place. I just don't think hating on people is the right way to deal with this. If you don't like it, follow what I do and don't watch anymore. It really is a simple solution.

To wrap this up as I don't want to keep going on, I just wanted you all to know my 2 cents, I have my blog because it is something I love to do, I love thinking of new things to talk about or show you and I would post exactly the same if I had no one reading my blog. I don't care how many 'followers' I have, I just post what I want because it's something I think is worth sharing. The blogger statistics tell me I had almost 1000 blog views last month and that is massive and something I really appreciate and no hater can ever take that feeling of excitement away from me. I also love to read blogs and watch videos and I hope that its something I will be able to do forever. I am so grateful of the effort people go to upload videos and post blogs and respond to comments and tweets and everything involved, so that people like me can read and watch. Long may it continue!

If you got this far thanks for sticking with me! I'd love to hear what you think about it all!

Loads of love and appreciation,

Charlotte xxxx


  1. I've stopped watching Elle and Blair now, so sick and tired of them, and how they always check to see hwat they look like in the video. It really is true, how can you really slate something when you are getting a huge sum of money. To be honest, I haven't had any bad feedback or seen any, apart from when Gem Fetale won the Asos blogger award and people were saying it wasn't justified. Most the girls I've met through this are so lovely, Thank God xxx

  2. I could not agree more, I was so saddened by Michele1218's decision to stop doing YT Videos. But I can understand, she is a newly engaged lady :) as well as her other valid reasons-damn haters!!!
    I am new to the blogging world and still getting used to how it all works, but would hate for ppl to start hating on me just because I blog about clothes or make up etc, I will RT this as I think it reflects so much what other ppl are feelings (and you have a new follower as well as love honest blogs!:))

  3. I was new to Michele's YT but loved it from the moment I first watched. I trusted her and her opinions. I was excited when she went house hunting and excited when she moved. I was over the moon when she got engaged. I could hardly wait to hear the little tidbits of the up coming wedding. I completely understand where she is coming from though. I will miss her, heck, miss her already and keep hoping I'll see a tuber with her changing her mind. I love you Michele!!!

  4. @Gem I don't watch them anymore either Gem, every video is sponsored or compensated and for them it's a business now rather than doing it for fun. I just don't trust what they say anymore.

    @Amie Thanks Amie, I completely agree, no one should have to put up with being insulted, especially over something silly like makeup! So I can definitly understand why she would want to leave. Thanks for following! I'm going over to check out your blog now xxx

    @Anonymous I will really miss her too, but I am really excited for her and dead jealous I don't have a wedding to plan! Lol! xx

  5. totally agree with your post :) sorry my comment is really late in response but I only just stumbled across your blog tonight! I really enjoy blogging too and don't care that many people follow, it's just nice to have a place where you can create and share your photos and opinions somewhere :)
    bravo!! can't wait to keep up with your posts ;) xxxx

  6. Thank you so much Rose, I completely agree with you. Do it for yourself and no one else xx



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