Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Jumping back on the train...

As a teenager my favourite TV show was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and my favourite line ever is "Jump on the train or get off the tracks" Well this week I'm firmly getting off the track and on the train. Over the last year or so I lost roughly 5 stone in weight, which left me feeling fabulous, I got to buy new clothes in MUCH smaller sizes and loved other people noticing my hard work. However, lately I have fallen well and truly off the wagon. In the last 3 months or so i've put a lot back on and its making me really unhappy. So this week, the honeymoon period is over, christmas has been and gone and my holiday is no more.

I'd decided to back to Rosemary Conley this week but after watching (and following on twitter) Gemma and her HealthyHappyLife channel, I've decided to give Weight Watchers another go. I find it really hard to lose weight without the restriction of going to meetings. If you cheat, it is so much more mortifying hearing you've put on weight at a class than just shrugging it off from the scales at home and that is what stops me being naughty, if you see what I mean. The class is tonight and I'm actually quite excited about it. I know a few other blogging girls (and non-blogging readers!) are trying to lose weight, get fit and generally enjoy a healthier lifestyle, so I'm going to be around encouraging you all. We can do it!


  1. Good luck!
    I'm trying to lose a few pounds for 2011 too, I'm sure you'll do it - it helps so much to have support around you :) x

  2. Hi Charlotte!

    Wow, 5st is amazing! You did really well to lose that much and I'm sure you will have no trouble getting back on the wagon! The new pro points plan is much healthier in my opinion, my Mum lost a lot of weight on Rosemary Conley and I think its super healthy, but for me WW is so handy because I can eat out without worrying and a nerdy part of me loves adding up the points haha

    My meeting is tonight too :) Good luck and look forward to seeing how you get on with it!

    Gemma xxxx

  3. PS Buffy was my favourite program of all time. x

  4. Thank you so much Lauren & Gemma. I really appreciate your comments. Support and encouragement is always great to hear!

    Good luck tonight too Gemma!


  5. Good luck Charlotte. You've done it once, you can do it again! I'm trying to lose weight at the moment too, watching what i eat, swimming, gymming and trying to do what i can around the house (sit ups etc). It's hard work but hopefully the end result will be worth it! xx

  6. Hope your first meeting went well Charlotte my little weightless buddy :D xxx

  7. okay this made me smile! i hate weighing myself, hate it with a passion and now when i do weigh myself and it tells me im fat (in my mind) i will think, yer well scales you dont know me! haha xx thank you xx

  8. The best of luck with that, and I really enjoy reading your blog x

  9. Hey there. I'm new to your blog, and also a trying-to-shed-some-weight comrade. I'll definitely be checking back to see your process.


  10. Your comments mean the world to me guys, thank you.

    And to those of you who are losing weight too, good luck! We can do it xx

  11. Ooh, just found your blog and this post, so glad I did because I can relate!
    I've lost 22lbs with Weight Watchers so far but nowhere near done!
    I think going to class every week helps hold you accountable. If I were doing it on my own...well, I don't think I could do it on my own.
    But anyways, good luck with it. :)



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