Sunday, 30 January 2011

My 15 Answers

Today is 'Sunday Summary' day, but I don't particularly know what I want to say yet, so I will do that one day this week and have a bash at the 15 questions tag that is going round.

1) What is your dream job?
My dream job is White House Chief of Staff. I absolutely adore The West Wing tv show and from the very first episode I have been interested in American politics and elections. In my mind I would be more of a Josh Lyman than a Leo McGarry. So if President Obama is looking for a new Chief, here I am!

2) What is your favourite fragrance for Winter?
My all time favourite perfume is Alien by Thierry Muglier. I don't change my perfume for the seasons, I just have the ones I have and love. Alien is closely followed by Flowerbomb and Coco Mamoiselle.

3) How do you take your tea/coffee?
I love coffee way more than tea, taken with no sugar but loads of milk. Tea has to be Yorkshire Tea, 2 sugars and again, lots of milk. Preferably with a biscuit or two!

4) What is your most important beauty secret?
Never go to sleep with your makeup on, its so important for your skin to be able to 'breathe' whilst you're alsleep. Even a quick once over with a babywipe is better than leaving it on.

5) If you had an all expenses paid vacation, where would you go?
Bora Bora, i'm dying to stay in one of the over-water bungalows so I can feed the fish through the coffee table. Although I kind of want to save it for my honeymoon (when I actually do get married). 

6) If a genie popped up in your lap right now and offered you three wishes, what would you ask?
I would ask before anything else for good health for my family. I have 2 aunts right now battling cancer, one on my dad's side and one on my mom's side. I've already lost 3 aunts and uncles over the last three years so I think it's about time we got a break! My second wish would be for my brother to quit smoking, all of the family we've lost to cancer have been heavy smokers, I'm very lucky that my mom and dad have never smoked, so if my brother quit I would be much happier. My 3rd wish would be to have a never ending bank account. Who ever said money can't buy happiness is lying. I am so so so lucky to have my parents and incredibly grateful to have experienced the things I have and to be able to live so comfortably. There is a whole big wide world out there and I want to see as much of it as possible. Unfortunately that doesn't come cheap.

7) If you could only have breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert foods for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
Dinner food definitely, breakfast and lunch are just never as nice as a lovely dinner. Spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie, roast dinners, everything on a chinese menu, my list could go on forever...

8) If you were Hello Kitty what colour hair bow would you wear?
I'm going to be boring and say black. I love hair accessories, but all my favourite ones are black. 

9) What is your biggest makeup pet peeve?
Too much blusher. I firmly believe blusher is meant to mimic the natural flush of your cheeks. Aunt Sally is never a good look! If i'm allowed another one I have to mention mismatched foundation, an orange-type ring around your face is really unattractive.

10) If you could wear only one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My Tiffany Key, its my most treasured piece of jewelry and always will be.

11) What one talent do you wish you had?
I wish I had a sporting talent, my preference would be the best 100m sprinter in the world. I can just imagine how amazing it would be to win the Gold at the Olympics.  

12) Which product will you continue to purchase?
V05 Mega Hold hair gel, its the only things that controls my hair perfectly. If this was ever discontinued, I have no idea what I would do. Its incredible when you have really thick, very curly hair like mine.

13) If you could look into the future, would you? And what would you like to know?
If I could I would go 10 years into the future, I would be almost 35 and I'd like to see myself married with a 2 year old and a baby on the way. Living in a countryside mansion with 2 pigs called Rasher & Bacon and a stable full of horses.  At christmas we would have the whole family round, all 25+ of them and we'd play cards all night and not sleep.

14) Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Include a picture!
I have to say my celebrity crushes change like the weather, but it's been Graeme McDowell for a long time now.

15) What made you start a blog?
I used to have a youtube makeup channel, a long long time ago, so I stated a blog to run parallel to that. Eventually after a few changes it has come to resemble A Girl Writes, I don't think i'll change from this now. I've found my happy place with it.


  1. Wow, Bora Bora looks amazing! Definitely goes on my list of places to visit.


  2. Lovely post as always :)
    I agree with the blusher thing - looking like a clown is really not a good look. x

  3. Hooray for The West Wing love! Josh <3

  4. Super cute post, bora bora looks fab, and your future sounds idyllic, hope it works out!

  5. Lovely post hun, you look so adorable in that picture of you! For some reason I always imained Graeme McDowell to be old and bald (I notice you tweeting him, hehe) but he's a little sexpot ;) I also want to feed fishes through the coffee table on my honeymoon! Great minds ;) xxx

  6. Thanks girls! I hope we all get to Bora Bora one day xxx



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