Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Summary

Hey Cutes,

I have been reading Victoria's Monday Summaries for a long time, so inspired by her I thought I would use the same idea on my blog. I'm hoping to put one up every Sunday to round up my week.

Love & Other Drugs
I went to see this on Friday night, I was blown away by how good it is. I will have a full review coming up later this week, but just have to say to you all, go watch it! It is a perfect balance of a serious subject and humour. Not to mention how frikkin HOT Jake Gyllenhaal is in this. Wow! Cold showers all round!

I have really missed keeping up with the blogging world. I have been in a real online rut, but I feel like i've broken our of the box this week. I have rebooted my blog into something I am much happier with and more comfortable posting whatever I feel like. I am going to try to comment on at least 30 different blogs each month. Sort of like one a day, but not literally. If you get me.

 Take Me Out 
Oh Paddy McGuinnes how I love thee! I'm so happy this program is back. I love it, this series has me cracking up all the time. However I do feel these girls are a tad too fussy. Whilst we all want to find a Prince William, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, you get the gist, reality is very different and we have to compromise a little. So what if you like to relax to Barry Manilo or whoever, not really a deal breaker is it! 

I don't know when I stopped reading but I am now fully back in the swing. I have loaded up my kindle with some classics ready for my holiday and am looking forward to working my way thorough my 'to read' shelf. I recently started The Lovely Bones, oh my word can you say tears, one chapter in and I was in floods. Its so graphic, but in a really heartfelt way. I'm loving it.

I have been gradually working my way through the piles of washing and ironing I need for my holiday and whilst I would not usually express such happiness at domestic goddessing like this, it does put a huge smile on my face as I know my holiday is rapidly approaching. One can't grumble at that can one!

So i'm jetting off to LA & Vegas on Monday for a week, I have scheduled some posts so hopefully they will be posted without glitches (...pause while I touch wood...) and I will see you all on the other side.

 All images sources at We Heart It ♥♥♥


  1. Another fab post - you are on a roll honey! Hope you have an amazing holiday! We're hoping to go to NYC at some point this year (or if not, next). Would love to hear all about it when you get back xxx

  2. Thank you Laura, i'm really enjoying being back in the swing of things. I really hope you get to NY, you will love it. Christmas time is just magical over there. I will post about my holiday for sure, haven't been to LA for about 5 years so looking forward to it. xxx

  3. Love ya Charl, so glad you are back, blog has gone in a great new direction :) love it xxx

  4. lovely post :) i really like reading summary posts. I hope to see that film next week, have heard a lot of fab things about it xx

  5. Thank you Gem! Love you xx

    Thanks Milly, you will really love the film. xx

  6. La&vegas! lucky!
    great blog, i'm following :)
    i also want to read more and really want to watch Love&otherdrugs!

  7. Great post :)
    I wanna see that film it looks good and definitely agree about Jake ;) Hope you have a fab holiday!

  8. Thank you GRUNGE+GLAM and Ess-Jay24. xxx



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