Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Well Hello There!

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost I want to say a huge hello and thank you to all my new followers. I have been a bit overwhelmed by you all this week. I haven't logged on in over a week and was a bit shocked to see my follower count in the 80's. Yowsers! I wasn't expecting that! So welcome one and all, it's really great to see you.

Second, where do I begin?! At the moment i'm sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge at LAX, because they are partnered with Virgin Atlantic. We're all checked in after having the most wonderful week. We have shopped, gambled, eaten, walked, and baby talked, just generally enjoyed everything Vegas and LA had to offer. I will put up a post later in the week with pictures and more details but I just wanted to check in with everything. I haven't forgotten you in the least. I have bought a couple of things I want to share on the blog with you and I have a lot I want to write about, so all of that good stuff is coming!

(This is where we ate lunch today, Gladstones Cafe in Santa Monica. It's a gorgeous view, right on the beach.)

I am so pleased my two posts went through the 'Scheduled Posts' process so smoothly. I would have felt bad neglecting you all for a week, especially when i'd just got back into the habit. My cousins Jenni & Todd had an iMac and I had a little go on it to check my facebook, ooooooh I want one even more now!

Well, my flight boards in 25 minutes and I want to take advantage of all the free food and booze on offer, so i'm signing off. I expect my next post to be up either late Tuesday night or sometime on Wednesday. I don't get into Heathrow until 1:05pm Tuesday, so it will probably be Wednesday.


P.S. Angela Griffin is sitting opposite me right now, the only celebrity sighting of my trip!


  1. Ah Santa Monica, i remember it well! Back in September I travelled around California (LA, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, San Francisco, Vegas) and then over to New York. Greatest experience of my life. Did you venture down to Venice Beach when you were near Santa Monica, i think Venice had to be my favourite place. Hope you had a good flight home and looking forward to seeing the rest of your piccys, it's bringing it allllll back :) x

  2. Hope you've had a lovely time, look forward to seeing the pics :).

    Sadie x


  3. @ Welcome - I loved it. Sounds like you had a holiday of a lifetime too. I didn't get down to Venice Beach this time. I will definitely go there next time. We only had 3 days in CA so had to cram everything in. Our flight was wonderful, I hope you enjoy the full picture heavy post! Lol! xx

    @ Sadie - Thanks so much, I had a wonderful time. xx



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