Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cocktails, Wildboyz, Muy Guapas, Feet Eating Fish & Clapping Sea Lions

I'm baaaaaack and cosiderably more tanned that when I left. Score! I had the most fab time in Tenerife. I haven't been for years, so I was very happy to find out they have cleaned up the place and got rid off alot of the blackpool-esqe tack for a more reserved serene place to go. Apologies if this is a little pic heavy, I just couldn't choose between them all.

We checked out the beach on our first day, got our feet wet paddling along the shore for a bit, it was lovely and picturesque, although the water was freezing!! Our hotel was really nice and I loved the pool area. As a sunbathing-aholic I didn't want to move from the sunbeds.

We had a day trip to Loro Parque, which was amazing, I LOVED the dolphins and sea lions. I've decided I'm going to trade in my cat for a dolphin :-) We went of a medieval night but it was so naff. Cheesy fake fighting and the worst dinner ever was definitely not something I would recommend.

We got through our fair share of cocktails given that we were all inclusive. The hotel waiters/bar tenders had a cheesy chat up line of asking for our phone numbers. Us being the only two "Muy Guapas" (very pretty ladies according the waiters. Lol!) we got asked at least once a day, the novelty wore of after the first couple of days though. Rach won this hat at Bingo in our hotel :-)

We ventured out of our hotel for a couple of nights, we found a bar with a couple of singers called The Wildboyz. Despite the name they were actually really good, i'm now fully in love with the Orlando Bloom lookalike of the duo!

The last couple of days we spent going to Siam Park, which was really good, 2m high man made waves and massive water slides anyone? Yes please! We also had our feet eaten by fish! If you've never had this done, you must next time you see them. They are Garra Rufa fish that hone in on any dry skin areas on your body which is particularly good for giving your feet a pedicure. Afterwards you feel like you're walking on air, your feet are gloriously soft. They do have Fish Spas over here now, i'm going to try and find one in my area.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday Summary

Good Morning!

How are you all this week? I am looking forward to this weeks summary as i've had a much better week than last week. What have you all been up to? Anything you're looking forward to?

Giveaway Time ♥
I reached over 100 followers this week, thank you to each and every one of you! Its very exciting for me to know people enjoy what i'm writing about. So I think that deserves a little celebration. I'm on holiday this week but i'm going to go shopping as soon as I get back for some prizes. What would you guys like to win? I'm not sure if you'd like makeup/beauty products or I have a Forever21 near me, so I could get some jewellry from there. I'm really not sure, so if you could leave me a comment on what you'd like to win, I want to make sure I get something you'll all enjoy!

Upgrading My Phone
I have been thinking about selling my iPhone 3GS for a while now to get the new one but I can't be bothered with the hassel of going through ebay or whatever. However, I have found a buyer I know, so I can now put the extra money to it when I get paid at the end of the month to get the iPhone 4! Wooooo! Anything Apple makes me excited!

The Future ♥
At some point after christmas I started to worry about the future, will our company always be okay, will I always live in a one-bedroom flat, will I always be able to afford a nice life, will I always have friends around me, will my parents and brother always be healthy and happy, will I be where I want to be in 10 years time.... The list goes on and on but recently i've turned a corner, i've settled back into my normal optimistic self. I know I can't predict the future and I shouldn't worry about things no one can control. For now i'm looking forward to finding out what the future has in store for me, and that's the way it should be.

In Other News:

♥ I'm going on holiday today, some scheduled posts should be up, but if all else fails, i'll be back posting on the 22nd!

♥ I have found a great tea, my trouble sleeping has been greatly improved by this herbal infusion. It relaxes me a lot, so my mind is not racing and I end lying awake until the small hours.

♥ Another 2lb off this week. Yipee!

♥ I got picked out of the hat to choose the next bookclub book, I have told Gem what it is so stay tuned to find out what I chose on the 26th Feb!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Get Your Woks On : Prawn Teriyaki Recipe

So I mentioned in my Sunday Summary post this week that i've been cooking new recipes from the Weight Watchers Seriously Satisfying cookbook and as I got such a positive response from my previous Pizza Making and Weightloss posts, I thought I would combine the two for this recipe post. This is the second time i've made this Prawn Teriyaki recipe and I love it.

Its so simple and easy to make but really tasty and filling at the same time. If you are doing Weight Watchers like me or generally just want to lose some of those extra pounds, this is a really great recipe to have up your sleeve. Fill it with as many vegetables as you want to keep from snacking later on. So this is what your going to need:

40g Rice (I find the Tilda range the best, especially the Basmati)/ Low Fat Cooking Spray (Not Pictured - I use the 1 calorie per spray sunflower oil) / 110g Raw Tiger Prawns ( I got this packet from M&S its 140g but I just throw the extra 30g in) / 2 tablespoons Teriyaki Marinade / 150g Mixed Stir-Fry Vegetables

This recipe serves 1, but I used a lot of vegetables so I saved a little of the stir-fry (not the rice) for my lunch the next day. If you only use the amount above, then eat it all. Even with extra vegetables, this recipe is only 8 ProPoints total.

So now, the first thing that I do is to mix the prawns with the marinade, so its soaking whilst I do everything else. Next chop up the vegetables however you like it and boil the kettle so you can put the rice on to cook. The rice takes about 10-12 minutes to cook and the stir-fry takes 10 minutes maximum.

So whilst the rice is boiling away its time to get your wok ready. Now I have a small detour from the recipe book here, I like my vegetables to have a little crunch but not to much, so once I've got the rice on, I blanche the vegetables (all except the beansprouts) by dunking them into a pan of salted boiling water for 5 minutes, this also ensures they keep their nice vibrant green colour. If you prefer to not do this, go straight to the next part and stir-fry the vegetables for 5 minutes longer.

Whilst the vegetable are blanching, spray your wok (or non-stick frying pan) with the low fat spray and heat until hot. Drain the vegetables well, I always chuck them on a plate lined with kitchen roll, then throw them in the wok. Keep tossing the vegetables in the pan for a minute or two then add the prawns. Cook for 2-3 minutes until they have all turned pink in colour. Finally add the marinade liquid left from the prawns and heat through.

To serve, drain the rice and pour a kettle of boiling water over the rice in the sieve to make sure its nice and fluffy and not stuck together. Put the rice in the bowl or on the plate then place the vegetables over the top. I drizzle the left over juices from the wok over the rice. Then eat up whilst it hot!


Monday, 7 February 2011

Sunday Summary... Albeit A Bit Late...

Hey Everyone!

So I had every intention of getting this up yesterday but I was on a roll spring cleaning my flat that I just never got round to it. I hope you all had a good week, I never really did anything spectacular but somehow my week seem really busy.

♥ Today I... ♥
Feel like this, we had a really stressful week at work last week but I had a particularly chilled weekend where I was able to get organised and recharge my batteries. Even though it's a Monday morning, I feel happy! Can't beat that feeling!

♥ Checking off my list ♥
I have had a to-do list as long as an A4 piece of paper since I got back off holiday. However, this weekend I got stuck in and have only 2 things left to do. One requires a trip to B&Q and the other is to write up a few blog posts so I have them scheduled to post if I lose track of time. Both of which I like to do and so should be crossed off pretty soon.

 ♥ Staying On Track ♥
I have been sticking with my weightloss goal, i've been very impressed with the new Weight Watchers ProPoints system. I lost 4lb this week and my next weigh in is tomorrow. I feel positive about it, i've been good and stuck to the plan. I love their recipes, this week I've made the Saffron Seafood Bisque, Chinese 5-Spice Beef and the Prawn Teriyaki (all from the Seriously Satisfying cookbook) and have been impressd with each one. If you want the recipes to be posted on here let me know and I can post them for you. When I was scouring We Heart It for an inspiring picture to go here, I saw this and thought it was brilliant!

♥ Prague ♥
We have finally booked our hen weekend to Prague. 8 of us are going on 1st July for two nights. So if any of you have any ideas or games we can do with the bride please let me know. I'm a planning kind of girl, I want to have a few things ready for when we go and I can organise them with the other hens so they are surprises for the bride.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy 1st February

Hello lovelies!

Happy new... errr... February! So I know January is the time for our resolutions but given that I was going on holiday and a lot of mine were about starting a healthy regime and lifestyle change, I thought I would delay them a month. I have to be honest, i'm probably going to cheat, I will fail on a few, I'll wish i'd never started in the first place, but I think the most important thing is that i'm going to try my damned hardest to succeed!

♥ Be the best Maid of Honour there ever was

♥ Go and see my Aunt Carole in New York

♥ Take care of myself more

♥ Make a lifestyle change to be healthier both in mind & body

♥ Make a conscious effort to save money

♥ Stop buying lunch at work

♥ Visit 5 new places in England

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