Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cocktails, Wildboyz, Muy Guapas, Feet Eating Fish & Clapping Sea Lions

I'm baaaaaack and cosiderably more tanned that when I left. Score! I had the most fab time in Tenerife. I haven't been for years, so I was very happy to find out they have cleaned up the place and got rid off alot of the blackpool-esqe tack for a more reserved serene place to go. Apologies if this is a little pic heavy, I just couldn't choose between them all.

We checked out the beach on our first day, got our feet wet paddling along the shore for a bit, it was lovely and picturesque, although the water was freezing!! Our hotel was really nice and I loved the pool area. As a sunbathing-aholic I didn't want to move from the sunbeds.

We had a day trip to Loro Parque, which was amazing, I LOVED the dolphins and sea lions. I've decided I'm going to trade in my cat for a dolphin :-) We went of a medieval night but it was so naff. Cheesy fake fighting and the worst dinner ever was definitely not something I would recommend.

We got through our fair share of cocktails given that we were all inclusive. The hotel waiters/bar tenders had a cheesy chat up line of asking for our phone numbers. Us being the only two "Muy Guapas" (very pretty ladies according the waiters. Lol!) we got asked at least once a day, the novelty wore of after the first couple of days though. Rach won this hat at Bingo in our hotel :-)

We ventured out of our hotel for a couple of nights, we found a bar with a couple of singers called The Wildboyz. Despite the name they were actually really good, i'm now fully in love with the Orlando Bloom lookalike of the duo!

The last couple of days we spent going to Siam Park, which was really good, 2m high man made waves and massive water slides anyone? Yes please! We also had our feet eaten by fish! If you've never had this done, you must next time you see them. They are Garra Rufa fish that hone in on any dry skin areas on your body which is particularly good for giving your feet a pedicure. Afterwards you feel like you're walking on air, your feet are gloriously soft. They do have Fish Spas over here now, i'm going to try and find one in my area.



  1. I went to Tenerife a few years back too. Great pics, seems as if you had a lovely holiday :) xx

  2. I so wanna try the fish pedicure thing - but I don't think it's a common thing here.

  3. Lucky lady, you were only in LA a few months back weren't you?! xx

  4. Looks like a great holiday!
    I like the look of Tenerife.

  5. I've always wanted to do that fish thing...looks tickly

    Check out my blog :)

  6. love your pictures :) I kind of what to try the fish thing but Im really ticklish so perhaps not! X

  7. The feet-eating fish thing looks so cool! Might have to add it to my list here:
    Does it tickle?? LOL :D



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