Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Happy 1st February

Hello lovelies!

Happy new... errr... February! So I know January is the time for our resolutions but given that I was going on holiday and a lot of mine were about starting a healthy regime and lifestyle change, I thought I would delay them a month. I have to be honest, i'm probably going to cheat, I will fail on a few, I'll wish i'd never started in the first place, but I think the most important thing is that i'm going to try my damned hardest to succeed!

♥ Be the best Maid of Honour there ever was

♥ Go and see my Aunt Carole in New York

♥ Take care of myself more

♥ Make a lifestyle change to be healthier both in mind & body

♥ Make a conscious effort to save money

♥ Stop buying lunch at work

♥ Visit 5 new places in England


  1. Would you like me to get you some of the goal setting worksheets I use with my clients at work?

    Remember SMART goals!

  2. Wow Rachel, they sound really awesome. Be great if you could send me some. Thank you xx

  3. Those are some really nice goals!
    Hopefully you can fulfill all them :)

  4. Good luck with these...the buying lunch at work is one i'm guilty of too. Unnecessary, expensive and yet so essential in the middle of a boring day haha :) xx

  5. Your blog is lovely! I love reading 

  6. hope you achieve all u want!
    i absolutely love your blog...
    seems like your having a lot of fun :)
    Maybe you come around and visit me,
    looking forward hearing from you.xx



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