Monday, 7 February 2011

Sunday Summary... Albeit A Bit Late...

Hey Everyone!

So I had every intention of getting this up yesterday but I was on a roll spring cleaning my flat that I just never got round to it. I hope you all had a good week, I never really did anything spectacular but somehow my week seem really busy.

♥ Today I... ♥
Feel like this, we had a really stressful week at work last week but I had a particularly chilled weekend where I was able to get organised and recharge my batteries. Even though it's a Monday morning, I feel happy! Can't beat that feeling!

♥ Checking off my list ♥
I have had a to-do list as long as an A4 piece of paper since I got back off holiday. However, this weekend I got stuck in and have only 2 things left to do. One requires a trip to B&Q and the other is to write up a few blog posts so I have them scheduled to post if I lose track of time. Both of which I like to do and so should be crossed off pretty soon.

 ♥ Staying On Track ♥
I have been sticking with my weightloss goal, i've been very impressed with the new Weight Watchers ProPoints system. I lost 4lb this week and my next weigh in is tomorrow. I feel positive about it, i've been good and stuck to the plan. I love their recipes, this week I've made the Saffron Seafood Bisque, Chinese 5-Spice Beef and the Prawn Teriyaki (all from the Seriously Satisfying cookbook) and have been impressd with each one. If you want the recipes to be posted on here let me know and I can post them for you. When I was scouring We Heart It for an inspiring picture to go here, I saw this and thought it was brilliant!

♥ Prague ♥
We have finally booked our hen weekend to Prague. 8 of us are going on 1st July for two nights. So if any of you have any ideas or games we can do with the bride please let me know. I'm a planning kind of girl, I want to have a few things ready for when we go and I can organise them with the other hens so they are surprises for the bride.


  1. Surprises for the bride? Stripper :)

  2. Lovely post :)
    I agree with the above! Haha x

  3. Yay for to - do lists actually being done! I've been very good at getting mine all done and dusted lately which is a nice surprise.

    Wow, Paris! You'll have an amazing time regardless.

    Joanne Faith xo



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