Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Little Bit of A Mid-Week Pamper

After hearing all the great reviews on Twitter and Youtube about the Origins VitaZing moisturiser, I finally decided to give it a go. I popped off to John Lewis in my lunch break yesterday, delighted to find a 10% discount across the whole beauty department. So I sat down in the chair and had my face cleansed, scrubbed, serum-med, moisturised, the works! Literally my face has never felt so soft. So like the beauty-crack addict that I am, I had to buy it and with 10% off its practically cheap (in a 'not really at all' kind of way!) On the way out of the department I bumped into the new Jimmy Choo perfume display. Oh em gee! This stuff smells amazing. So I decided to treat myself. I'm smelling pretty delicious right now! So onto the good stuff, here's what I ended up getting:

The woman was really nice, she threw in some samples too. You can pretty much guarantee i'll wax-lyrical about a saleswoman who gives me samples. But in all fairness she wasn't at all pushy and I will definitely be going back to see her at the Origins counter.

1. Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask - 30ml sample was pretty good I thought.
3. An Origins headband

Of course, I couldn't post without a picture of the perfume, honsetly its so gorgeous, I looked all over Tenerife and the duty-free for this. So glad to get my hands on it now.


  1. I love the jimmy choo!! It's beaut. Hope you do a review of these as I love origins and am tempted to get some, let me know if it's worth the money xxx

  2. Ooh im so jealous, it all looks amazing

  3. Wow you got loads of stuff! Looking forward to seeing a review xx

  4. Lucky gal, im particularly jealous of the Jimmy Choo!

    Also, I hope you don't mind but i've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award - i love reading your blog so keep up the good work!

    Check back at my blog to see what it's all about.

    Laura @ xxx

  5. jimmy choo is my absolute favourite at the moment :) i bought myself it for valentines day haha.. such a loser! xo

  6. origins stuff makes me so happy!

  7. I'm going to Tenerife this month, do you remember where did you buy the perfume?



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