Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now: Nude Shoes

I'm generally not on trend with fashion at all, frankly I find things like wearing socks that finish above your knee high boots just plain ridiculous. Please show me one person it looks good on?!?! However, the current trend of nude shoes is right up my street. I think they flatter all skin tones and look good with pretty much anything.

Since January i've been on a mission to find the perfect pair for me, I wanted a pair of court shoes that were not to high or too narrow. I also didn't want to pay a lot for them as I won't wear them that often. Although I wouldn't turn down a pair of Louboutins if they were given to me! I finally found THE pair on Friday. These are perfect for me, especially with the wide fit option and at £26 were a complete bargain. Obviously they aren't real leather, but are really comfy with the hidden platform sole. I plan on wearing them with my new chiffon blouse and leggings.

What do you reckon? Are the nudes up your street?

1 comment:

  1. Just got my nudes from Dorothy Perkins for £30, and they're patent ones which is good, because if (or I should really say when) they get dirty they're much easier to clean!:) So I am loving the nude trend:)



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