Friday, 3 June 2011

I Turned A Quarter of a Century

Yes I hit the big 2-5 a couple of weeks ago and I find myself very happy with that. I'm now very much a grown woman, I've bought my own place, I have a lovely job, great friends and a truly wonderful family. I'm very much looking forward to see what my future holds for the next 5 years. I may join Sofia's 30 before 30 movement, as there are few things I would like ticked off before I reach the grand old age of 30!

I had the best weekend over my birthday and I have to give my friends and family full credit for that. I went to Henry's restaurant with 18 of my friends, then headed for a few drinks in St Paul's Square. It was such an amazing night, the food was delicious and company even better. This just set the scene for the weekend and was a brilliant prequel for my actual birthday on the Sunday. I went over to my parents to open my presents, went for a nice meal out with my Mom, Dad and Uncle, then came home to birthday cake and a game of cards. My family are big card players, we only play for 20p's but it makes for a fun game and atmosphere. I was pretty lucky and came away winning about a fiver!

Unfortunately I never took any pictures on the Saturday night, but hopefully these on my birthday Sunday are good enough. Present wise I got things for my flat, like pegs and a peg bag (having only just found out I have a washing line area -I've only lived here almost 4 years!!), I did get new ones of my Origins face wash and toner I'd run out of and my favourite thing of all, I got an iPad. I had to wait until the 1st of June for it to be delivered buy it was definitely worth the wait! It's been glued to my hands ever since! In fact, I'm typing this post on the BlogPress iPad app!

All in all I had the most amazing weekend, bring on next years festivities!

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