Monday, 15 August 2011


This weekend I went camping with a few friends, it was a really awesome weekend. We had the most picturesque drive through Wales to our campsite, Cae Du just outside of Tywyn. It was right on the coast, the most perfect setting to watch the sun set around a campfire. If you ever need a weekend getaway, this is the perfect location to escape your worries for a cheap weekend, provided you already have some camping equipment. We paid £60 for 2 nights, this was between 5 of us. So £12 each. The best part was watching the sun set round the campfire, my friend Dave bought his guitar and we sang songs, made S'Mores, had a few drinks and just generally chilled and relaxed. Lovely!



  1. Just now getting the chance to catch up on your blog - looks like an amazing little break! So much fun - proud to be Welsh actually because it looks like such a lovely little place. We'll have to investigate it for ourselves xx

  2. love the photo of sunset and clouds above the sea.

  3. Wow that looks like such a cute little place! Nice blog :D ooh and I'm your newest follower!



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