Monday, 12 December 2011

Whilst I've Been Away...

First of all, thank you to Joanna for giving me the kick up the backside to finally get my blogpost plans and diagrams into reality. I've been meaning to sit down and write posts for months and just not actually doing it, so here comes the most epically jam-packed update post of epicness! Yes, I am giving myself a lot to live up to, but I have 6 months worth of ideas and photos to cover. This post is a mish-mash of about 10 posts I had in mind but never got round to! Naughty Charlotte!

So in some sort of chronological order, here goes! I've been out for some really nice meals and this one was particularly lovely. It was Loch Fyne's 21st Birthday, there was live music, decorations, wine and yummy seafood! Its one of my family's favourite restaurants and the food never fails to disappoint!

For Christmas last year my Mom got me and my Dad tickets to go and see the Ghost the Musical in London. I kid you not it was one of the most amazing musicals i've ever seen. I'd never seen the film and I had no idea what the story was, but I couldn't have loved it any more than I did. Absolutely fantastic! 

Whilst we were going to London, we decided to make a day of it by going to see Kate's wedding dress at Buckingham Palace (oh mah gahhhhhhh! Breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!!!) and we had afternoon tea at The Ritz. One did enjoy oneself greatly!

Continuing with my fangirling over Kate and Pippa, I got the best surprise at work one day in September when my Modalu Pippa arrived two months early!! Hell yeah!! I have been sporting this baby ever since. I've had so many compliments on it, girls you really should put your names down one if you can!

In September my best friend Emma got married, I was the Maid of Honour and so pleased everything went well for her. I don't have digital copies of the professional photos yet, but these are my 4 favourite ones off my facebook that I was tagged in. The middle ones are groovy booth photos, if you are having a wedding or big party, I strongly recommend them!

Yeah, the wedding was a big highlight of my year! 

So recently I have got myself addicted to 3 new tv shows, Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle and The Good Wife (I only found this recently and it's currently on its 3rd series, the other two are brand new this year!). I have not missed a single episode they are that good! Go check them out!

Last Thursay my friend Philippa and I went to see a band called Kane at The Asylum in Birmingham. They were really really good, I filmed this video of them whilst I was there, thought I might aswell share it with you guys!

I'm sure you all got sick of me banging on about Texas, especially if you follow me on twitter, but we went on 24th October, we came, we saw, we conquered! Had a blast, really want to go back! I am going to do a separate post about our holiday because I just can't fit enough in this one to do it justice. This picture is just a sneak preview!

Finally I just wanted to get excited with y'all (see what I did there, threw in a Texas drawl!) about Christmas. My favourite time of the year, my inner child breaks out from inside of me and is uncontrollable until January 6th! I am organised right now, I have all my shopping done, my tree & decorations are up, i've written my Christmas cards. I've not wrapped all my presents yet, thats the best bit that i'm saving until this weekend! Just need the big day now!

So thanks to everyone who has stuck with me, readers new and old, I really do love blogging, I just seem to have so much going on all the time that it's hard for me to spare a couple hours writing it, sorting out pictures and stuff. I think I just have to accept that sporadic posts are better than none at all!

Love Charlotte, xoxo


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