Friday, 8 April 2016

A Lucky Find

You know when YOU KNOW you bought something but have absolutely no idea where it is, you've even looked for it many times and you start to doubt yourself that you did, in fact, buy it? That.

I went to Orlando in 2012, specifically to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. I never even set foot in a Disney park, I went purely for Harry Potter. I bought some souvenirs, obviously, that literally vanished as when I got home. I've been looking for them for 4 years!!!! 

Today, I found them. I finally found them. I've been working hard lately to open every box that I haven't unpacked yet, even though i've been in my house for over a year. Today I decided to tackle the box marked 'Makeup', you know I have way too much makeup anyway so this box was never an urgent one for me. But low and behold, I open the box and sitting on top of the lipsticks, the powders, the brushes was one The Wizarding World of Harry Potter carrier bag. I screamed with joy! So heres a mini haul of what I got.

Being the stationary addict that I am, I got some parchment paper and a Hogwarts wax seal, a notecard set and a Pygmy Puff, who needed a name. Being the Slytherin that I am, she's been christened Pansy.

Heres a little throw back to 2012 and the Post Office.

Now I just need someone to send a letter to. 

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