Thursday, 14 April 2016

Saturday Fabric Haul

Last Saturday I went my favourite kind of shopping with my friend Rachel, we went into town to hit up the Birmingham markets for fabric. The fabrics here are such a good price, if you're local to the area and want lots of material for not a lot of money, this is your best bet. They may not be the best quality but they're pretty decent and especially great for beginners. If, like me, you make a dress too small (i'll leave that there, that's for an upcoming post) you didn't waste too much money buying the fabric.

My favourite stall is in the indoor rag market and has every kind of material you need but especially the cotton section, tons of different designs and patterns for £2 a metre. Perfect for most of the patterns in my collection so far. 

So I went with a shopping list, I have a beginners quilt that I want to start making soon and I needed some more material to make another ESP dress, since the first one was a bit of a fail and a few little notions. Here comes the haul:

So these are the fabrics for my quilt, they are 100% cotton, 45" wide and all £2 per metre. This was such a good deal because I needed 9m in total, as this is my first attempt at a quilt, I didn't want to pay £8-12 per metre for the quilting fabrics I see online. Not until I know what i'm doing! Haha!

The floral is a navy background with pink and red roses, this is my theme fabric and also the backing fabric. I used this fabric to match and contrast the other fabrics for the quilt.

This one I got from the outside market, next to all the fruit and vegetable stalls. It's a cream background with a tulip pattern and is the most gorgeous, soft fabric. I think it must be some kind of cotton blend. Its 60" wide, £2 per metre and I have 3m here. This is for my second attempt at the ESP dress. I've got another dress on the go at the minute, but the ESP No.2 is next.

Happy sewing everyone!

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