About Me

I am Charlotte, a twenty four year old, curly haired, cupcake baking, cocktail drinking, makeup loving, book reading, blogger enthusiast from the West Midlands. I live in a town just outside of Birmingham, called Solihull. I live with my cat Elvis in my little flat that I cherish. I work an everyday 9 to 5 job, working hard, paying the bills and more importantly having a lot of fun. 

I Love...
My Mom, Makeup, Candles, Coffee, My Macbook, Reading, Quotes, Grey's Anatomy, Blogging, Cats, Cooking, Lush, Chanel, Pyjamas, My Family, Drinking, The Cheesecake Factory, My Car, Elvis (My Cat), Elvis (The King!), America, Halloween, Snowbabies,  Drunken Texts, Tea, Home Interiors, Shabby Chic, Facebook, MakeupByTiffanyD, Travelling, Belinda Jones, Fringe, Day Dreaming, Louis Vuitton, My Mom, Fairy Lights, Shopping, Baking, DVD Box Sets, YouTube, The Shaytards, Apple, Tiffany & Co, My Friends, New Shoes, Swimming, Las Vegas, Gossip Girl, Sephora, Christmas, Country Music, Trying New Things, Hearts, Twitter, weheartit, Dancing, London, Musicals, Hard Rock Cafe Beanie Babies, Magnets annnnnnddd My MOM! She deserves to be mentioned at the beginning, middle and end!

My biggest inspirations are my Mom, my family, my friends and books. I have certain books that change my mood just by reading the first page, in some sense this I what I hope to do with my writing. If just one person feels happier, brighter, shinier even after reading one of my posts then its a point on the board for me! 

I hope you find a place here for you on my blog, if there is anything I can do for you please please contact me, I promise you will get a reply.

There is nothing else to add except sit back and enjoy the ride!

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